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Important Information for the 2018 Tax Season

As you prepare for tax season, we want you to be aware of our anticipated timeline for issuing your Form 1099-INT(s), 1099-DIV(s), 1099-B(s) and 1099-R(s).

  • All Form 1099-INT(s), 1099-DIV(s), and 1099-B(s) will be mailed between 2/21/19 and 2/28/2019, and you should receive them shortly thereafter.
  • All Form 1099-R(s) will be mailed no later than 1/31/19, and you should receive them shortly thereafter.
  • If we receive updated information due to income reclassification from any of the investment managers after the initial mailing of your tax documents, we will issue corrected forms and mail them to you.

If you have any questions about the timeline above, please contact us.

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